Getting Started with Firstly

A blackboard displaying the Today Tab of the Firstly app with explanation of different features.

Your life, your priorities


  • The Today tab
  • The Next 7 Days tab
  • The Projects & Lists tab
  • The More tab

Today Tab

Both the Priority view and the Schedule view of the Firstly’s Today’s tab
Firstly’s Today Tab (Priority view vs Schedule view)

Next 7 Days Tab

Firstly’s Next 7 Days Tab & the Calendar Page
Firstly’s Next 7 Days Tab & the Calendar Page

Projects & Lists Tab

On the right, screenshot of a Project, and on the left Screenshot of a List. In the center, Firstly’s Projects & Lists Tab
Firstly’s Projects & Lists Tab
  • Merging Lists and Projects
  • Changing a List into a Project
  • Changing list items into tasks by moving them from a List to a Project

More Tab

Firstly’s More Tab
Firstly’s More Tab
  • The app Settings: is the place to fine-tune Firstly to your liking.
  • Change preferences such as text size, tasks settings, app icon, etc.
  • Get help and contact support.
  • Access your account settings and so much more.
  • The Priority Report: is a detailed account of the tasks completed in a given period, focusing on their priority. It also provides a focusScore based on the priority and the number of tasks completed within that period.
  • The focusPrioritizers page: is the place to select the default prioritizers for tasks and projects.
  • Projects themes: color palettes for your Projects. Once you select a Project theme, automatically, the color of all your Projects updates to its corresponding color from the new palette. The colors to choose from when creating a Project update as well.
  • The archive: contains mostly previously completed tasks. Since deleting a task is a permanent action, the archiving option is more common throughout the Firstly app. Archived tasks are part of the Priority Report, but deleted tasks aren’t.
  • Add-ons: extra prioritizers, project themes, and icon pack extensions to enhance your Firstly experience.
  • A Dark Mode switch.




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