A better way to prioritize your schedule

3 min readFeb 18, 2022

Learn how the new Firstly app can help you do more of what matters to you personally.

A hand holding an iPhone displaying a screen of the Firstly app

Do you know what’s better than getting things done? — Getting the right things done. And that’s where the Firstly app comes into play.

Firstly is a productivity tool that helps you do more of what matters most to you! With its fresh take on prioritization in the mobile app industry, Firstly helps direct your focus to the most important things to you.

It’s time to start scheduling your priorities.

Firstly was born from a desire to help people take back control of their focus. It is easy to get lost in the distractions and busyness of the world and completely forget about what’s important to us on a personal level: our life goals and bettering ourselves. Many people let their jobs or other people prioritize their lives without being aware of it. Others fall victim to the widespread confusion between urgency and importance. Most productivity apps help people get more things done, but unfortunately, not the right things. Those apps’ priority system only asks users to assign a flag or tag to a task to mark its priority. However, people use those flags most of the time to note the task’s urgency.

Firstly’s prioritization system is just as simple to use yet more effective. To help users find the accurate priority of a given task, Firstly follows a guided approach to prioritization, complemented by multiple prioritizing tools and a Priority Report.

From left to right: the One Goal Target Prioritizer, the Wellness Prioritizer, the Eisenhower Matrix, the Personal Prioritizer, the HML Prioritizer

Whatever your current life goals may be, Firstly has a prioritizer for you.

  • If you want to achieve a significant goal or dream as soon as possible: The One Goal Target Prioritizer can help you focus most on the tasks related to your endeavor.
  • Want to better yourself in a more holistic way? The Wellness Prioritizer can help you focus on tasks that contribute to your growth in all eight wellness dimensions.
  • What about being more proactive and stopping procrastination? The Eisenhower matrix is a time-proven method that will help you in both aspects.
  • Maybe you need a reminder to focus on what’s most important or meaningful to you on a personal level. Then the Personal Prioritizer is the one for you.
  • If you like the old prioritization system, a slightly improved version of it is also available: The HML Prioritizer (High-Medium-Low Prioritizer).

Do I need to switch prioritizers all the time?

Not necessarily. The most efficient way to benefit from the multiple prioritizers offered is by utilizing the one most suitable for your current situation. Most prioritizers have a general scope and are usable regardless of the nature of the task. Only the One Goal Target Prioritizer is very specific and targeted.

If you wish to switch between prioritizers, Firstly makes it easy to do so throughout the entire app.

What is the Priority Report?

Reflecting on what you achieved within a period is the surest way to improve your effectiveness and productivity. The Priority Report lets you browse all the tasks you completed weekly (monthly or yearly) from a priority point of view. It doesn’t just give you numbers. It also gives you more insights like:

  • The prioritizer used
  • How completing the task might have impacted your life
  • The number of times and dates when a routine got completed, etc.

Reflecting on the completed tasks that positively impacted your life personally is genuinely empowering, and it feels fantastic.

What about the focusScore?

The focusScore is a numerical expression computed from the number and priority of all completed tasks within a given period. The prioritization process of the Firstly app is all about focusing on what matters most to you. Therefore, the focusScore depicts how focused on what matters most you were in the given period. The highest score is 100.


In the end, these two quotes remain true:

“Prioritization is an inside game.”

“Your life, your priorities.”

Take back control of your time and priorities today!

You can find Firstly on the App Store here.




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