A better way to prioritize your schedule

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It’s time to start scheduling your priorities.

From left to right: the One Goal Target Prioritizer, the Wellness Prioritizer, the Eisenhower Matrix, the Personal Prioritizer, the HML Prioritizer
  • If you want to achieve a significant goal or dream as soon as possible: The One Goal Target Prioritizer can help you focus most on the tasks related to your endeavor.
  • Want to better yourself in a more holistic way? The Wellness Prioritizer can help you focus on tasks that contribute to your growth in all eight wellness dimensions.
  • What about being more proactive and stopping procrastination? The Eisenhower matrix is a time-proven method that will help you in both aspects.
  • Maybe you need a reminder to focus on what’s most important or meaningful to you on a personal level. Then the Personal Prioritizer is the one for you.
  • If you like the old prioritization system, a slightly improved version of it is also available: The HML Prioritizer (High-Medium-Low Prioritizer).

Do I need to switch prioritizers all the time?

What is the Priority Report?

  • The prioritizer used
  • How completing the task might have impacted your life
  • The number of times and dates when a routine got completed, etc.

What about the focusScore?




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